Sexual Assault

Sexual assault has affected our global society for above 10,000 years. We allow predators to roam free in broad daylight and refuse to make any move to curtail their behavior. Very often whenever a a part of our universe is at peril we rush to mend them, as it includes a detrimental impact on the full. Sadly, sexual assault, sexual harassment, physical abuse, and neglect against women and girls doesn't even get a nod.

"We are the only animal on the planet that repeatedly abuses and sexually assaults smaller and weaker from the species for entertainment or sport. We now have turned into a predatory global society that is not happy to manage predatory behavior towards girls and women."

What makes sexual assault and the other predatory behaviors toward women and girls permitted to happen in an info rich global society? Listed here are some facts and a possible approach toward methods to ending sexual assault.

One in five women will probably be sexually assaulted of their lifetime.

Sexual violence is often a global pandemic that has "NO" barriers.

Sexual violence can be a devastating crime where self-esteem, self-worth, trust are destroyed. Mental and physical health problems arise and may continue throughout the victim's life. The ability to hold down a career, support oneself and contribute productively to society 's all undermined. Standard of living, health and happiness, autonomy and security are typical damaged by sexual violence.

Sexual violence devastates individuals,families and communities. Distrust and fear permeates our communities and defines how members live amongst one another. We produce a lesser community along with a lesser society for all of us to reside in.

Sexual violence is often a travesty from the fundamental and inalienable Universal Promise of Human Rights.

Sexual violence against women reflects fundamental gender inequality and perpetuates it. A culture that doesn't value a female's voice could have trouble respecting a woman's right to choose who or what she's going to take part in.

Violence against women cost the united states public over $200 Billion annually.

Sexual violence is less inclined to be reported, to be prosecuted, also to cause conviction than other crimes. A criminal offence which cannot be successfully prosecuted is, essentially, a "Non-Crime". Society tacitly condones a "non-crime" as a crime without punishment.

Sexual violence is definitely an act of terrorism intended to create fear, perpetuate women's vulnerability, and so their inferiority

We could end sexual violence through real education about women's full and equal rights, respectful relationships, and real consequences for criminal behavior.
To end this barbaric crime, victims must break their silence to get these senseless assaults to a end. We have to believe as being a society that we'll no longer tolerate this behavior. Sexual assault has no invest our families, communities, and nation.

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